About Us


Multiversity is a platform providing high-quality online courses to for education, training and skills transfer to individuals worldwide.

Our offerings span across multiple disciplines and careers, combining content from multiple providers and ensuring it can be accessed your way, in your time, whether on a pc, tablet or smartphone.


Our Vision

Providing content that is engaging and impactful to leave every learner with increased knowledge and skills.

To create a platform for Content Developers and Providers to showcase their brilliance.


Our Objectives

  • Build and grow a scalable, sustainable high quality consumer centric education, training and skills transfer platform;

  • Serving local, African and global markets, delivering relevant, quality and readily accessible programme offerings required in these markets ranging from micro learning to full qualifications;

  • Providing the technology, knowledge, skills development and organisational ability critical to empowering and growing individuals and communities the world over.

  • Sourcing, partnering, acquiring or creating all necessary elements required to successfully deliver the envisaged value chain.  


Our Values

Simplified learning

Widely accessible

Continuous Improvement