How does e-learning work?

e-Learning is electronic learning, meaning the use of either a computer, tablet or smartphone to access and complete learning that is being delivered via these devices.

Will I get certification after completing a course?

Certificates are provided on successful completion of a course. This is done via post to an address of your choice.

Can I access the courses when I am outside South Africa?

Provided you have an internet connection, you will be able to access Multiversity from anywhere in the World.

Are there any assessments/exams for the courses?

Some of the courses do have assessments which may be formative, summative or both. Ensure you read the Course Outline to view any assessment information.

Can I download and access content offline?

Unfortunately course content may only be accessed online as Multiversity tracks progress and completion on each course.

Are the courses in English only?

The language of instruction currently is only in English. This may change in the future.

What level are the courses covering?

Each course is categorised as follows;

Entry Level: Assumes you have no prior knowledge of the topic or subject.

Intermediate Level: Assumes you have some basic knowledge and are accustomed to college-level academic courses.

Advanced Level: Assumes you have subject-specific knowledge and/or a relevant academic degree.

Do I have to finish the course as soon as I access it?

You may proceed with your course at your own pace however each course has an expiry date. Ensure that you check and complete the course before the expiry date.

Are there any free courses?

Currently there are no free courses however these will be made available in the future. Note: Ensure that you have selected to receive our Newsletter as this type of information will be communicated when available.



How do I enroll?

Upon viewing a course’s details, click on the Add to Cart button and you may proceed to checkout and follow the prompts to make a payment and you will receive confirmation that the course is now accessible once payment is done.

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can access at a time?

There is no limit in the number of courses that you may enroll in, and may access any of the courses at any time.

How do I un-enroll?


Payment Related

Can I make part payments toward my course?

Only the full amount is accepted when making payment for a course.

I do not have a credit card. Can I make a deposit instead?

Currently the method of payment is only via a Credit Card or alternatively a Debit Card may also be used similarly.

Can I apply for financial aid/bursary?

Multiversity does not offer bursaries, financial aid or grants. This would have to be done separately, outside Multiversity by different financial aid providers.